Elevator Jungle - Play Store

Here we go!
I am proud to announce that "Elevator Jungle" is now also available on the Google Play Store. You can download the game for free or for 0,99€.

Elevator Jungle - App Store Trailer

I am pleased to present the App Store Trailer of our refreshing new game "Elevator Jungle". Feel free to download the game for free or for 0,99€.

The release on the Google Play Store will take another two weeks.

Elevator Jungle - App Store

It's finally done!
Elevator Jungle is now available on the App Store. Feel free to download the game for free or for 0,99€, by clicking on the corresponding image below:

Full version
Lite version


Game features:

  • Tilt controls that are easy to use, just tilt the device to move left or right.
  • Touch and hold the screen to shoot.
  • Use over 10 awesome powerups to blaze your trail and reach the exit.
  • Lots of obstacles and monsters.
  • Stunning graphics.
  • 48 levels to play (12 levels in the lite version)
  • Try your luck by opening chests with collected gems.

Elevator Jungle - Trailer

I am proud to present the trailer of my new fresh game called "Elevator Jungle", a thrilling and tactical game for the iOS and Android platform. It will be published on the App Store and on Google Play in December 2016.
Please support me by visiting my crowdfunding page on Indiegogo.

It's getting serious...

... be careful, a lot of monsters and obstacles block your way. You have two possibilities: Run away or shoot'em up!

Our new game "Elevator Jungle" will come out in December 2016.

What's inside the chest?

Well, you can simply find it out by playing our new game "Elevator Jungle", coming out in December 2016. The possibility to win powerups by opening a chest, which can be purchased with earned gems, is an amazing feature in this game.


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