What's inside the chest?

Well, you can simply find it out by playing our new game "Elevator Jungle", coming out in December 2016. The possibility to win powerups by opening a chest, which can be purchased with earned gems, is an amazing feature in this game.

Elevator Jungle - Teaser

A quite ordinary day: Monday.
A quite ordinary man: Jack.
A quite ordinary job: Manager in a jelly factory.
However, Jack is totally fed up, because he's ripped off by his boss day in and day out. Actually, Jack only has one wish: to once tell his boss off.

Therefore he sets out for the 48th floor. But in doing so, he quickly realises that this won't be as easy as he thought it would be, and that he has to make big efforts in order to give his boss a mouthfull.

Help Jack to pick his way trough the elevator jungle, to overcome all obstacles and give him the chance to finally give his boss a piece of his mind.

Elevator Jungle, a thrilling and tactical game, full of exciting suprises. This awesome mobile game will come out in December 2016 on the platforms iOS and Android.

DotRun: New Update!

I am pleased to announce the release of my update for the game "DotRun! - Let the dot run", developed with a fresh new look. What's new:
- bugfixes
- graphical improvements
- leaderboard added *

Please look out for new updates, coming out frequently.

* If you already have the app, you will not be able to choose your name for the leaderboard (after the update), due to a bug! Please delete the app after the update and redownload it again. This will fix the bug!

New Facebook Page!

Here is just a short update to let you all know about my new Facebook page! By following me, you will get up to date informations! I invite you to check it out. Thank you!

DotRun! - Let the dot run!

I am proud to announce that DotRun! - Let the dot run! is now available on the App Store. Please feel free to download the game for free, by clicking on the image below:

Update: DotRun!

DotRun! is actually reviewed by Apple!

After a successful reviewing, DotRun! will be available in the App Store beginning of January.